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They are no longer mountain farmers, Reinhold and his sheep-breeding colleagues who live in Eggerberg, Valais, in the Swiss Alps. They work shifts in industry, down in the valley, and breed blacknoses in their spare time. The main consideration is not wool or meat quality but the beauty of the sheep and the prestige of their owners. Blacknose sheep are part of the identity of Upper Valais. What moves the breeders and their families to undertake this labour-intensive activity on the steep slopes? This sensitive and entertaining film looks into this question. Although the distinctive blacknose sheep win our hearts, we are not presented with a romantic picture of blissful mountain life but see the realities of the world of today: the existence side by side of modern industry and traditional sheep breeding; working in the stable and going into town. But we also see the threats to this way of life: children who have no interest in breeding sheep; wives who would rather travel than make hay. “If we sheep breeders no longer tended the slopes they would deteriorate and the villagers would move down to the valley.” What will the future bring? Will the cultural heritage that is our Alpine countryside remain inhabited and intact?